His Unbreakable Mate(9)

By: AJ Jarrett

“How’s the job search going?” Erik set his book aside and propped his elbows up on the counter and rested his head in his hands. “Any teachers retiring yet?”

“Nope. At least not at the high school.” Samuel remembered what Silas had said. “According to Landen a teaching position should be opening up soon at the elementary school but I’d rather shoot myself in the eye then do that.”

“I hear ya. Brandon and I babysat Holden and Ethan’s kid last Saturday night and I swear that kid’s got ADHD. Lucas was into everything. I don’t know how Holden and Ethan can keep up with him.”

“Lucas is only five years old, what did you expect?” Samuel chuckled.

“I know but still.” Erik pointed a finger at him. “He’s lucky he’s so damn cute, that’s all I have to say.” The corners of Erik’s lips turned up. “But I’m still not sure I’d want to have any of my own.”

“Me either.” Samuel raised his arms into the air to stretch. “But I guess you have to be with someone first to decide something like that.”

“Give it time, Sammy boy.” Erik reached over the counter to pat his hand. “Love will find you when you least expect it. Just be glad you’re of legal consenting age.” Erik let out an annoyed sigh and rolled his eyes. “Nothing is worse than being a sexed-up teenager with a mate who won’t touch you until you are of legal age. Hardest two years of my life.”

“I don’t doubt it.” And he didn’t. There had been a time not too long ago that he too had been a hormonal teenage boy, but that all changed thanks to Collin. Now he had no interest in sex at all. “I’m going to go for a run.” He pointed out the glass door. “You want to come with?”

“I wish.” Erik opened up the heavy book again. “But I’ve got a test tomorrow so I better not.”

“Okay, see you later.” He waved as he went out the back door.

Samuel walked to the edge of the wooden deck and sat down in one of the patio chairs. He took off his shoes, then his clothes. It had taken almost two years before he was able to do that. Being a shifter he was used to nudity and so were other shifters, but after everything he’d gone through he just couldn’t bring himself to do that one simple thing.

As he stood there naked, Samuel closed his eyes and tilted his head up toward the sky. The warmth from the sun heated his flesh and wrapped him in its warm embrace.

Samuel let his shift take over him and his body broke and reformed into that of a wolf. His fur was a deep brown and he shook his large head, chasing away the kinks from his bones, then took off. He ran toward the back of the property toward the tree line. Once in the shade of the woods the temperature dropped a few degrees and kept his body cool as he raced along the forest floor.

With the sounds of nature all around him, Samuel lost track of how far he’d gone and how long he’d been gone. Samuel saw a young doe in the distance but didn’t attack, instead he played chase with the young deer until she ran away. He had to admit he was having fun.

Before too long he realized he’d reached his own property line and wandered up close to the house. Through the glass he could see Jayme standing at the counter with his back toward him. He was on the phone.

“I really don’t think that is a wise idea.” Jayme paused. “Because he’ll start to ask questions and unless you are willing to step up and declare your intentions I’d rather you just stay where you are without interfering in his life.” Jayme let out a bitter laugh. “After all these years you’re still lying to yourself. Deny it all you want but I saw the way you looked at him. Hell, you still call once a week to ask about him.” Jayme stopped talking as the person on the other end spoke then smacked his hand down on the counter, causing Samuel to jump back. “You know what? Just stay away, it’s for the best. He doesn’t need someone too afraid to say and show how they feel.”

Jayme continued to argue with whoever it was on the other end of the line so Samuel edge away from the window and ran back toward the safety of the woods. He wasn’t sure who Jayme was talking to but it was none of his business either. His brother sounded upset but Samuel had to let Jayme handle his own problems like Aiden said. Samuel had to worry about himself and fixing his life and today being out and free in the woods was just what he needed. But he did need to hurry back so he could help his brother with dinner like he promised.

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