His Unbreakable Mate(7)

By: AJ Jarrett

Samuel parked his car and went in through the back door to Jayme’s house. His brother stood at the stove cooking dinner.

“Hey, Jay-Jay.” Samuel walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a can of soda. “What smells so good?”

“Hello, Sammy.” Jayme sang the words to him then winked over his shoulder at him. “We are having stir-fry tonight with a summer blend salad so I hope you’re hungry.”

“Starved.” Samuel plucked a strawberry from the cutting board, laughing as Jayme smacked at his hand.

“So how was your session today?” Jayme glanced warily at him then back to the stove top.

Samuel wasn’t surprised his brother remembered he had an appointment with Aiden today. “Really good, actually.”

“Yeah?” Jayme turned away from the stove to lean his hip against the counter.

“Yeah.” Samuel chuckled. “Let’s just say Aiden has finally got me to come out of my shell. He made some very valid points and I’m optimistic about things now.”

“That’s truly amazing.” Jayme rushed toward him and hugged him tight. “Whatever it takes, don’t give up.”

Samuel buried his nose in Jayme’s shoulder and took a deep breath. His brother smelled like apples and sunshine but most of all he smelt like home. “I love you, Jayme.”

“I love you too, little brother. I love you too.”

After a few minutes Samuel pulled out of the hug. He swiped a hand under his eyes and smiled at his brother.

“Hello, my love and my adorable little brother.” Silas said in way of greeting when he came through the back door. He set his small lunch cooler on the counter top and walked over to kiss Jayme on the lips and gave Samuel a one armed hug. “What smells so good?”

Silas was a big guy and he intimidated the hell out of Samuel when he first met him but he soon discovered Silas was just a big puppy dog. His bark was bigger than his bite, at least with them. To the bad people of the world, beware. Silas was the type to react first then think about it later.

“Who you calling little?” Samuel flicked Silas in his thick chest.

“Uh, you.” Silas wrapped his arm around Samuel’s neck and gave him a gentle squeeze as he pulled him closer and rubbed his knuckles into his scalp.

“You make me sound like a five-year-old with that crap.” Samuel laughed and tried to push Silas away.

“Well you are smaller than me and I’m older so there, you’re my little sweet, adorable brother that I can tease mercifully without being considered a dick.” Silas looked over to Jayme. “Right, honey?”

“Oh no.” Jayme held up his hands. “You are on your own with that.”

Silas let go of Samuel and whispered not too softly out of the corner of his mouth, “I think your brother is selling me out. What should we do?”

“We?” Samuel punched Silas in the arm.

“Yes, we. We’re family and we stick together.” Silas’s words warmed his heart. It was nice being part of a family again. “So what should we do?”

Samuel looked from Silas then to his brother. Jayme shook his head, his lips pinched tightly together. “Tickle him.”

Jayme dropped his spatula on the floor as he took off running. Samuel went left and Silas went right. They caught him as he tried to dodge around the island in the kitchen. Silas wrapped Jayme in his strong embrace while Samuel laughed and tickled his sides. It was times like this that everything seemed right in the world and he wished these were the only memoires floating around his brain.

* * * *

Samuel had the next day off. Mr. Woods had returned to his class, thank god, and at the moment all the teachers were well. So Samuel cleaned his apartment and caught up on his laundry.

It had only been five months since he graduated college and not having a set schedule was kind of nice. He knew soon that he’d grow bored of having nothing to do and his student loans would add up but for now he could just relax which after a few hours got boring, so he headed into town.

He stopped in at the library to see Jayme. Jayme had taken over managing the library after Mrs. Lee retired. His brother loved to read and loved books. Samuel too had spent a lot of time when he first came to Silver Creek at the library. He didn’t want to be alone so he’d sit for hours reading while his brother worked.

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