His Unbreakable Mate(49)

By: AJ Jarrett

“So what do you think?” CJ nervously chewed at his lower lip.

“I think”—Samuel stepped up to his mate, chest to chest, and wrapped his arms around his neck—“this place looks amazing and so many young kids will benefit from what you’ve done. I’m proud of you, babe.”

Samuel had learned during a counseling session that CJ held onto a lot of guilt over what his father had done. It was slowly eating him alive on the inside and Samuel urged CJ to start seeing Aiden on his own, and it was working. CJ could talk about his father without flinching and apologizing to Samuel. It wasn’t CJ’s fault and he had to learn to accept that.

“Yeah?” CJ wrapped his arms loosely around Samuel’s waist. “Just exactly how proud of me are you?” CJ waggled his eyebrows suggestively at him.

“Now you’re just fishing for compliments.” Samuel playfully shoved at his mate’s chest.

“No, I’m not.” CJ hugged him tighter. “I’m trying to get into your pants.”

“Oh well than that’s totally doable.” Samuel rose up on to press his lips to CJ’s full smooth ones. “I love you, CJ.”

“Not as much as I love you, Sammy.” And with that CJ pulled Samuel up into his arms and kissed him long and hard.

Samuel’s lips formed a smile as he kissed his mate and held on with everything he had.

They say when one door closes another one opens, and Samuel thought that was an accurate saying. Before meeting CJ he was just going through the motions of living, but not anymore. He seized every day as if it might be his last. He still had his bad days but the good far outweighed the others. Life was meant to be lived and to accept the good and bad things that could happen. Both he and CJ were growing to accept that. Samuel had been through a lot but he refused to let it break him. With the love of his mate, his brother, and his pack, he was unbreakable.


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