The Billionaire's Curvy Conquest(2)

By: Lydia Layne

“Can I help you?” the Special Projects receptionist asked, interrupting my momentary daydream.

“I’m Cassie James.”

“Oh my, you’re very late,” the receptionist said, glancing at the clock on her computer.

“I know, but my supervisor just told me about the request.”

“Take a seat, please.” She motioned me to a small waiting area and I perched awkwardly on the edge of the leather sofa, wishing I had worn something a little more flattering than stretchy black pants and a loose white blouse.

It wasn’t easy dressing a short, curvy, plus-size body like mine, especially on an administrative assistant’s salary. With big boobs, thick thighs and a round butt, stretchy and loose was cheap and comfortable, if not overly stylish.

Less than five minutes passed before an impeccably-dressed woman in a navy suit greeted me with an engaging smile.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Miss James,” she said, holding out her hand, which I shook firmly. “I’m Greta VanNess and I’ll be briefing you on your assignment.”

“I’m sorry I’m late,” I responded, following Greta to her office. “I only found out about your request a few minutes ago.”

Greta smiled. “No need to worry, Miss James. Rest assured that the issue will be addressed with your supervisor.”

I made a mental note to ask around later to see if the Wicked Witch got a talking-to. A taste of her own medicine would serve her right.

On Greta’s desk was my employee file and she reviewed the contents. “I see that you’re 27, Miss James, and a college graduate with a degree in English Literature.”

“That’s correct,” I responded, silently cursing myself for not listening to my dad when he urged me to major in something more useful, like communications or finance. All my degree had gotten me was a string of dead-end admin jobs and a few published essays in no-pay literary magazines.

“You’ve been with Reed Technologies for six months and have already been promoted from entry level admin to Administrative Assistant II. Excellent work, Miss James.”

“Thank you,” I replied, although the praise wasn’t warranted; every admin who lasted six months at Reed Technologies was automatically promoted to Administrative Assistant II.

I was hoping that this Special Projects assignment, whatever it turned out to be, would provide an opportunity to step up the Reed Technologies corporate ladder. I was tired of job-hopping and was ready for a real career.

“Alice didn’t provide many details about your assignment,” Greta said, “but she did tell me that she recommended you specifically, which is quite an honor!”

Alice was Mr. Reed’s executive assistant. She had been with him since he opened the company’s doors over 20 years ago. While I knew who Alice was - everybody at Reed Technologies did - I had no idea how she knew me.

“You’ll learn more when I send you upstairs,” Greta continued. Upstairs was the penthouse floor occupied by Mr. Reed and Alice. “For now, I need you to sign our standard confidentiality agreement.”

Special Projects had a strict confidentiality policy and I gladly signed the document Greta put in front of me. She made a copy using the tabletop copy machine and paper-clipped the original to my employee file.

Greta handed the file and an elevator pass to me. “Give this authorization to the elevator operator and he’ll take you upstairs. Check in with Alice and give her your file. She’ll take it from there!”

Chapter 2

The elevator operator was a stoic fellow who didn’t invite small talk, so we rode in silence.

Exiting at the penthouse level of the Reed Building, I walked purposely toward Alice’s desk. Taking a deep breath, I handed her my file. “I’m Cassie James, reporting from Special Projects.”

“Good morning, Miss James,” Alice said pleasantly, taking the file and reviewing its contents. “Everything looks to be in order, here. Mr. Reed needs you to do a personal errand for him. The assignment is, shall we say, a bit unconventional. But I guarantee you it will be more fun than sitting in your cubicle on the second floor.”

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