Second Chance Mate

By: AJ Jarrett

Nehalem Pack 38

Daniel Culver was devastated when his wife died. He was left alone to raise his daughter while trying to live with a broken heart. Each day is a struggle, and the fear of losing his family has Daniel pushing away those he cares for.

Archer Forum is running from his past and everything he thought was important to him. Being rich didn’t bring him happiness, and being the creator of a drug that is killing shifters has filled him with guilt. He isn’t sure that feeling will ever go away. All he wants is a fresh start, to make amends and just be happy.

Love doesn’t come around often, and it’s Archer’s turn to seize the day. Daniel is his fated mate. It’s up to him to convince Daniel that love is worth the risk—before a ghost from Archer’s past steals away his hopes and dreams of a happily ever after.


“Hey, babe. I’m heading out.”

Daniel heard Kelsey shouting from downstairs. He glanced at the clock to see it was almost seven thirty in the evening. A frown caused his brow to crease. As the years carried on, he realized he was developing a deep indention on his forehead. The main cause was his fearless wife.

“Kels, it’s nearly eight o’clock.” Daniel jogged down the stairs. “Don’t you think it’s a little late to go on a run?”

Kelsey was standing by the front door in a pair of running shorts and a tank top. Her ear buds were draped over her slender neck swaying from side to side as she stretched out her arms. Daniel loved his wife, he really did, but more often than not got frustrated with her “I can do whatever I want” attitude. In Daniel’s opinion, she took too many risks. Just because she was a wolf shifter didn’t make her invincible.

“Danny, it’s summer time.” Kelsey rolled her eyes. “It doesn’t get dark until close to nine.” She walked over and placed her warm thin fingers on his chest and leaned in to give him a quick kiss on the lips. “You really shouldn’t worry so much.” She ruffled her fingers through his short black hair. “It’ll cause your hair to turn gray.”

“No.” Daniel wrapped his arms low on Kelsey’s waist and pulled her in even closer. “You and your stubbornness will do that.”

“Baby, I’m part wolf. I’m faster and have better senses than humans. I’ll be fine.” She kissed him one more time then patted him on the back, stepping away. “I’m going to go give Mack one more kiss then I’m off.” She ran up the stairs to their daughter’s bedroom.

Daniel hated when his wife of the past five years used that argument. She might be a wolf shifter but only half shifter. This meant she wasn’t as strong as a full-blooded shifter or have their super-fast healing ability. Kelsey tended to ignore those facts. He swore she was going to put him into an early grave. But he loved her and would gladly die from a heart attack as long as he got to keep his wife, his Kelsey.

The pounding of Kelsey’s feet on the stairs drew Daniel’s attention. He smiled as he watched her trot down the steps without a care in the world. She truly was graceful and full of life. God, he’d gotten lucky when he met her.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” Kelsey swatted Daniel on the butt as she passed.

“You better be, young lady,” he said in a teasing tone. She rolled her eyes and smiled as she took off at a jog down the sidewalk.

“Daddy.” Makenlee, his and Kelsey’s little girl, ran down the stairs looking so much like her mother. “Can I have some ice cream?”

“Well, of course, princess.” Daniel bent down and grabbed Makenlee under her arms and lifted her into the air. “What flavor you in the mood for?”

“Chocolate brownie, duh.” Makenlee rolled her eyes.

“You take after your mother a little too much, baby girl.” Daniel chuckled. He sat Makenlee on the counter and got out the ice cream. He scooped him and Makenlee out two bowlfuls and carried them in to the living room. “Whatcha want to watch, Mack?”

“Turn to ESPN.” Makenlee’s bright blue eyes lit up. “Baseball is on.”

“Oh yeah. Who’s playing?” Daniel laughed to himself. His little girl was the biggest tomboy he knew. Once again, another trait she’d gotten from her mother.

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